5 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Home Office

Have you suddenly found yourself working from home because of COVID-19? Is your work setup not getting the job done though? Our Calgary renovation company has designed and built quite a few home offices throughout our existence. Here are five tips for setting one up that you'll actually want to work in. 

COVID-19 has sent millions of workers across the world into their homes as corporate offices and businesses close to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, many people have discovered their home offices are not conducive to or set up properly for what they need to do. With that in mind, here are five things to consider when setting up your home office so it works. 

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5 things to consider when setting up a home office

Making the space that you work in from home functional and enjoyable to be in can have a drastic impact on your overall mindset. Instead of some cramped closet with no natural light that makes you shudder every time you think about it, a well set up home office can make you excited to spend time in it. Whether you'll be in there a lot due to current circumstances, normally work from home, or will primarily use it as a place to pay bills and do other house-related work, a well set up home office is only five tips away. 

1. Where is it going to be?

Most of us don't have the luxury of having extra rooms just lying around within our houses. That said, there's no point cramming yourself into a windowless room or closet if you have a perfectly good and spacious guest room that doesn't get much use. Try to find a place within your home where you'll actually want to go, since you'll most likely be spending a lot of hours in there. 

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2. Choose function over style

Figure out what you'll be using most often within your home office and make sure it's easily at your fingertips whenever you need it. Then focus on the decor and overall style. By doing it this way, you won't have a beautiful home office that's a pain to, you know, actually work in. 

3. Get a great chair

Office chair sales spiked once COVID-19 hit as many people suddenly realized their current chairs aren't ideal for long sessions. You'll be spending hours sitting in your home office, get a chair that you'll be comfortable in. It'll be worth the investment. 

4. Let there be (natural) light

The benefits of natural light cannot be understated when it comes to a great home office setup. Give yourself a nice view to look at every now and then when your eyes drift away from your monitor. Your eyes will thank you. If it's impossible to set up your home office in a room with a window, try hanging a nice picture or some art on the wall and place your desk facing the door so it doesn't feel like you're trapped in a soulless cube. 

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5. Dedicate the space to work — and nothing else

It can be tempting to put a TV or other distracting things within your home office, but your overall productivity is likely to suffer. By making your home office a dedicated work space with no play, you'll be able to focus better and get what you need done. Then you can go and enjoy the more fun parts of your house sooner. 

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