The Best Siding Material For Calgary Weather

Calgary's fluctuating weather causes a home's exterior to undergo some very tough conditions. Our seasons are so unpredictable and erratic, it often makes you wonder, what products are really going to protect my home?

Exterior products such as vinyl siding and lap sidings have made large engineering advancements over the last decade. This is great but can make navigating the market a bit frustrating. With several products available all ranging from numerous suppliers, each having its own distinct features and price points has prompted us as professionals, to take a hard look at the products we offer our clients. Some of the major companies that have been producing products in Canada for years such as Royal Building Products, James Hardie or Kaycan, all have one goal in mind. They constantly are striving to create the best product available to date. This is a great benefit for consumers because every year advancements are made that benefit them. 

As a professional installation company with years of experience, we found some key points every homeowner should be asking about the products being offered to them. 

  1.  What is the cost of the product? Your estimate should have a breakdown for the material only and should not include installation & removal costs.
  2.  What warranty do I get with this product from the manufacturer? 
  3. How long will this product last? Will it chip, crack or fade? 
  4. How durable is the product against wear and tear from the elements, children, or animals? 
  5. What installation warranty do I get from hiring your company? A very important step to ensure you are covered.

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Getting more into the details of products, we have broken them apart into 2 major categories for the average home. 

The first is Vinyl Siding, this is any product made from an extruded PVC  and is the most common and cost-effective solution for any homeowner. It has widely been used since the 1980s in Calgary and continues to be a staple of New Construction. There is a lot of variation in products offered from ranging price points, which can make generalizing vinyl into one category a bit difficult. 


  1. Cost-effective 
  2. Generally will last 20 years or so before requiring replacement.
  3. Several manufacturers, a lot of color choices and styles.
  4. Easy to clean 
  5. Average wind load rating of 180MPH+ 


  1. Can crack easily in cold conditions
  2. Vinyl tends to fade over the years from UV rays. (some newer premium products offer a fade warranty) 
  3. Is not as durable against hail and heavy storms. 
  4. Can warp and disfigure in high temperatures if not installed properly. 
  5. Low-cost versions tend to be thinner and less durable.

The next one we will look at is what we call Lap siding. This can be any product that is designed to mimic original wood siding and is lapped over top of each other. These products are generally made from fiber cement, engineered wood or thick PVC such as Royal Celect Siding. We see a wide spread of products, specifications, and costs throughout this category and it is best to speak with a professional to weigh all your options before purchasing one of them. 


  1. Extremely durable against chipping, cracking and fading. 
  2. Excellent resistance to hail and extreme weather.
  3. Certain products can boost your R-value. 
  4. Low maintenance and has minimal upkeep. 

There are minimal limitations in this category as most of the products have been heavily engineered to offer the customer great value for their money. It is noted that these products do cost more than vinyl siding but the benefits and protection easily make this choice worth the investment. 

Triumph Renovations has collected some of its favorite products that we feel are the best value for your money. Below are some brief descriptions as well as the links provided to the manufactures site. If you are looking to get your exterior renovated we would be more then happy to inspect your home and provide you with a clear proposal detailing your choices and what in our professional opinion works for your budget and needs. 

Click the links to go to the corresponding manufactures site. 

Kaycan Davinci Siding - great locally made product here in Alberta, has a fade warranty and looks amazing on any home. 

Royal Celect Cellular Composite Siding- this product is amazing, it can actually repair itself from small dents as it is a cellulose fiber that has memory. It has a 25-year color warranty, 210 mph wind resistance and many more benefits. 

KWP Ecoside - Excellent product and alternative to fiber cement. Eco-friendly, extremely durable (one of the most we have seen ever produced), very cost effective and has an amazing warranty. 50 years on the substrate and 25 years on the finish. 


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