Top Home Renovation Trends in 2020

Wondering what the top home renovation trends of 2020 are? Even if you're a little late to the party, there's still plenty of time left in the year to incorporate these latest trends into your next home improvement Calgary. 

Our Calgary renovation company always receives the same question from homeowners when a new year rolls around. "What home renovation trends do you see being big next year?" While there are certain designs or concepts that remain timeless and in vogue year after year, here are the biggest home renovation trends we're seeing so far for 2020. 

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Kitchen renovation trends

No section of the house has seen such a rise in status as the kitchen has over the past few decades. What used to be a hidden space is now arguably the central focus for most houses nowadays. As a result, it's only fitting we kick off the list with this as our focal point. 

Minimalism and simplicity lead the way

Things are starting to get simplified and minimalistic when it comes to trendy kitchen renovations. Industrial influences and clean lines are starting to assert themselves as the go-to look for this space. Think subway tiling, natural stone, and open shelving in terms of aesthetics. One juxtaposition to the minimalism trend we're seeing? Pops of colour adding a bit of spice to these otherwise scaled back designs. 


Bathroom renovation trends

Our Calgary renovation company carries out more bathroom renovations than any other type of home renovation. And it's easy to see why. Upgrading an en suite or constructing a beautiful powder room can completely change how a home presents itself. Which can't be overlooked in our sluggish real estate market. 

Back in? Black

Who doesn't love a little AC/DC, right? Bathrooms sure do, judging by this new trend. Black fixtures, lights, shelving units, and mirror frames are taking the bathroom renovation business by storm. When paired with some white subway tiling, these touches really make a statement. Look to see this trend continue into 2021 and on. 

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Basement renovation trends

The subterraneans have won out. Basements are now one of the most popular places to pass the time and people are putting their own personal stamps on these spaces to mark the occasion. 

Open for whatever

No longer are basements relegated to the guest bedroom rec room layout of years past. Want a theater instead? Go for it. Prefer to have a fully functional workout space replete with the latest gear? Do it. Helping facilitate this open for whatever mode of design thinking is the still extremely trendy open concept layout, which has shifted towards basement spaces in 2020. With less walls and more space for fun, who are we to argue. 

The one thing all these spaces have in common when it comes to 2020 is their compatibility with smart home tech. If you can think of it, there's probably a bluetooth enabled app available to enhance either your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. Don't expect this trend to die down anytime soon. 

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