If you're looking for expertly installed siding at an affordable price then you've come to the right place. Triumph Renovations can help upgrade or update the siding on your home to help restore your pride of ownership, while best protecting it from the harsh elements Calgary is known for. 

Using industry-leading best installation practices, our siding projects are only finished when you are completely satisfied with our work. We use advanced technology and 3D modeling to help provide our clients with an accurate idea of what their siding choices are, and what their home will look like once their project is done. 

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Updating or upgrading the siding of your home is a great way to distinguish it from the other ones in your neighbourhood and boost the overall curb appeal of your house. Your siding is one of the first things visitors will notice about your home, and with recent technological developments when it comes to the materials and styles that are available for siding nowadays, you can make a really great first impression on your friends, family, and prospective buyers if you're looking to sell. Triumph Renovations also provides siding repair and replacement services following hailstorms, windstorms, and winter storms. Because here in Calgary, you're pretty much guaranteed to come across all three of them within the same year. Sometimes, within the same month. 

Types of Siding We Install

  • Vinyl
  • Fibre cement
  • Engineered wood
  • Stucco

Affordable Prices, Expert Installation

When you choose Triumph Renovations to execute your siding project, you're choosing expert installation at an affordable price. Our workers are extremely detail oriented and sweat the small stuff, knowing it can make all the difference between an excellently finished siding project and a so-so one. When you're investing this much time and effort into renovating the look of your home, you want to make sure you choose the right contractor. Triumph is that choice. 

See it in 3D

Triumph Renovations is a big believer in adopting the latest technological trends that can help us provide our clients with superior service. One such trend is using 3D modeling for our siding projects, so our customers can see what their home will look like using different materials or styles and play around with the different designs available to them. We find this tool to be a great asset in the collaboration process, and find it helps our clients better visualize the vision they have for their home. 

Our Preferred Suppliers — Alberta and Canadian-Made Products

When you've been involved in the siding business as long as we have, you get a good idea of the best types of products that are out there and which suppliers can be counted on to provide them. That's why we prefer to use Kaycan and KWP for our siding projects. Their products are made in Alberta and Canada, and are designed to stand tall against the extreme weather conditions our true north and free country throws at them. 

Beautifully Built to Last and Backed by Industry-Leading Warranties

Triumph Renovations sources the best products per dollar that are currently available in the siding market so our customers can feel safe in knowing that their investment will last for years to come. We also offer industry-leading warranties because we stand by our work and talk is cheap. Any contractor can guarantee satisfaction. Only great ones will put their money where their mouth is. 

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Any work we do is backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty. 

25-Year Product Warranties

Both Kaycan and KWP provide 25-year warranties on their siding materials. For more information on their products and warranties, please contact us by clicking the button below. 


How We Do Siding

1. Initial Consultation

We briefly meet (over Zoom given current circumstances) for an initial consultation and provide you with more information about our preferred manufacturers and the benefits of choosing their products. We'll also get a general idea of the size of your siding project and what the scope of work will look like. 

2. 3D Design

Using the info we gathered from our initial consultation, we'll put together some 3D models with different designs and styles that you've pre-selected so you can ruminate over them. 

3. On-site Consultation and Measurements

We arrive at your home and take detailed photos and measurements to make sure everything is as accurate as it can be before providing you with a quote. 

4. Provide Quote

After taking all the measurements and photos, we'll then provide you with an accurate quote that will properly reflect the total cost of your project. 

5. Acceptance and Ordering of Materials

Upon receiving your approval, we'll order the materials for your project. 

6. Installation and Final Inspection

Once we get all the materials we'll coordinate a time that works best for you and your schedule to begin the installation process. Depending on the size of your home and other factors, the installation process usually takes between one to three weeks. After the installation is completed, we'll do a final inspection with you to make sure everything exceeds your expectations and you're completely satisfied with your new siding. 



Signs Your Siding is Ready to be Replaced

Siding isn't made to last forever. At some point, if you live in your home long enough, you will need to replace it. The tricky part is figuring out when that time is and planning for it. We can help you with that.

Signs your siding requires a professional inspection:

  • Your siding appears to be cracked, split or loose especially following rough weather conditions.
  • Your siding is peeling, faded or discoulored.
  • Your siding is soft and breaks easily. This is usually a sign of warping or rotting.
  • You can visibly see fungus, mold, algae, mildew, or any other growths on the siding.
  • Your interior walls begin to develop water stains or water swells.

Triumph Renovations Inc. is available to help you with any questions you have. Call us and we'll be there to assess the damage at no cost to you. We'll help you figure out if your siding is in need of repair or a full replacement and will provide you with a quote to get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general it usually takes us about two weeks to remove the old siding material and replace it with the new one. Depending on how big your house is and what type of material you choose to use, your project may take a little longer or less to complete. 

While personal preference plays a big part in the answer to this question, we feel the best option for houses is to go with KWP Eco-Side Engineered Wood Siding as it gives you the best value for your money. It has the best warranty on the market and is very low maintenance over a 25-year period. Vinyl siding is the most budget friendly option, but it has its limitations in performance. Regarding stucco, if it's done properly, it can give you 30 years of low maintenance and great visual look. The only downside is the cost is usually double that of your standard exterior options.  

Of course. We will accommodate any request you have when it comes to the materials for your siding project. During our initial consultation we'll go over all the options available to you and discuss why we've chosen the preferred manufacturers we have. If you still want to go with a different supplier, that is totally fine. 


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