Siding is the material on the exterior walls of your home - chosen to enhance its appearance and to create a barrier of protection against the elements - wind, rain, sun, and snow. Exterior siding comes in a variety of materials including vinyl, stucco, James Hardie, wood, Eco-Side, stone and more. 

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Is It Time To Replace Your Exterior?

Siding isn't made to last forever. At some point, depending on how long you have lived or plan to live in your house, you will need to replace it. The tricky part is figuring out when that time is and planning towards it. We can help with that.

Signs your siding requires a professional inspection:

  • Your siding appears to be cracked, split or loose especially following rough weather conditions.
  • Your siding is peeling, faded or discolored.
  • Your siding is soft and breaks easily. This is usually a sign of warping or rotting.
  • You can visibly see fungus, mold, algae, mildew, or any other growths on the siding.
  • Your interior walls begin to develop water stains or water swells.

Triumph Renovations Inc. is available to help you with any questions you have. Call us and we'll be there to assess the damage at no cost to you. We'll help you figure out if your siding is in need of repair or a full replacement and will provide you with a quote to get you started.


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