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5 Signs Your Home’s Siding Needs to be Replaced

Not sure if your home’s siding needs to be replaced? Here are five surefire signs that it does courtesy of our Calgary renovation company. 

It can be tough to know whether the siding of your home needs to replaced. With that in mind, here are five surefire signs that the siding of your house is in dire need of repairs or replacement. 

The siding of your home is akin to the skin on your body. It houses and protects all the critical components underneath it. While siding should last for a few decades, severe weather or other circumstances can cause it to degrade and require repairs or replacement much sooner than you would like. Here are the top five signs that either of those two things are imminent for your home’s siding. 

1. Broken or cracked vinyl panels

If you have vinyl siding and some of the panels are broken or cracked, that’s a pretty obvious and surfire sign that the affected panels at least need to be replaced. While you’re at it though, you may just decide to get all your siding replaced at once. This will help keep things uniform and will also allow you to upgrade to newer materials since there have been a lot of advancements in the technology behind vinyl siding over the past decade or so. 

2. Extremely faded siding

The sun is still one of the most destructive forces known to homes. After years of intense heat and light, your siding may start to look extremely faded or washed out. If that’s the case, it may be time to have your stucco or vinyl repainted or replaced. This will greatly boost the curb appeal of your home and will help a lot with upping its resale value if you’re looking to sell. 

3. Warped siding

Extreme weather can also cause your vinyl or wood siding to become warped. If you notice that any of your panels or sections are warped, grab a screwdriver and insert it under the part that is warped. If what greets your screwdriver feels spongy or mushy, that’s a sign the material underneath has begun to rot and it needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

4. Mould or mildew

If you notice a great deal of mould or mildew on the siding of your home, especially near the seams, that’s a sign that the material or underlay underneath is wet or being affected by moisture. Due to how destructive and pervasive moisture damage can be, you should address the siding in question right away and either replace or repair it. 

5. Bubbling

Anytime you find bubbling in your house it’s cause for great concern. Your siding included. This only happens when water becomes trapped underneath your home’s siding and is an indication that water is leaking from some spot and has become trapped there. You need to investigate the issue right away, find the cause, and repair any water damage or rot that has occurred. 

While it can seem like a hassle and a major cost to repair or replace the siding of your home, using an experienced exterior renovation company to handle the removal of old materials and installation of new ones is highly advisable. If left unchecked, water damage that first rears its ugly head in or around the siding of your home can spread to structural areas and cause an even bigger — and costly — headache. 

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