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Complete Home Renovations 

At times a whole home renovation may make the most sense, but they can be very difficult to manage with out professional help. It all begins with that first consultation, where our team can guide you on exactly what should be budgeted for and what would maximize the value of your renovation.  Whether you want to change the floor plan, layout or even just do a quick touch up before selling, we can give you the best information based from experience and research. 

Home Additions 

Home additions are a great way to increase square footage of your home without having to move or build a brand new one. Choosing Triumph Renovations for your home addition is a great starting point. Our team will work with you to design the best space possible for your new addition. The designer, engineer and project manager will ensure that your new addition is built following all the building codes and will last a lifetime. 

Kitchen Renovations

Whether you need a full luxury kitchen remodel or are simply looking for custom kitchen cabinets or a change to your countertops, we are here to help. Our team at Triumph Renovations Inc. works to create a space that combines quality, style, and elegance with convenience and functionality. Triumph Renovations Inc. offers kitchen remodelling services in a variety of styles to fit your budget. We offer highly individualized services, taking into account your requirements, design ideas, lifestyle, and overall needs.

Basement Development

There are many things to consider when looking into getting your basement remodeled and Triumph Renovations Inc. is here to help you navigate the process.  Layout is key to getting the most out of your space and  development, We can help you convert your basement space by assisting with design and building processes to create a personal living space that adds value to your home, and your life.  

Bathroom Renovations

Our team at Triumph Renovations Inc. will ensure that you get exactly what you need in your newly renovated bathroom by providing their knowledge and expertise gathered over 50 years of experience. Bathroom remodels can get very expensive, which is why we will assist you through the design & budegting  offering a professional perspective to prevent you from adding excessive or unnecessary features and upgrades that surpass your budget and negatively impact the resale value of your home.


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