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5 Things You Need to Think About Before Executing Your Dream Bathroom Renovation

Are you getting ready to remodel a bathroom in your home? Whether you’re about to embark on an en suite rejuvenation or just simply touching up a powder room, our home renovation company in Calgary has the five things you need to think about before work gets started.

Bathroom renovations are some of the most popular home remodelling projects due to their lower cost compared to a full kitchen remodel or basement development. While a fully renovated master en suite will certainly set you back more than an updated powder room, the principles that guide each project are the same. 

With that being said, here are the five most important things you need to think about before you have a home renovation contractor execute your dream bathroom remodel. 

There’s a lot of things that need to be considered when you’re planning a bathroom renovation. From material types to colour schemes and fixtures, the process can get overwhelming fast. That’s why our bathroom renovation company in Calgary decided to put together this brief guide, so you’ll be able to focus on the important things first and sweat the small details later.

1. Plumbing

A lot of homeowners get distracted by the fancy fixtures that get hooked up to the plumbing but fail to consider just how important the actual pipes are. Most residential drain pipes are only 1.5 inches in diameter. With how much hair and other gunk passes through them, anyone who has had to pick up a bottle or two of Drano knows full well how annoying it can be to have to unclog them.

That’s why we always recommend upgrading to 2-inch drain pipes when carrying out a full bathroom remodel, especially for the shower drain. The difference in cost is minimal, and you won’t have to worry about clogs nearly as much. Since we live in Calgary and experience our fair share of subzero temperatures, we also stress to homeowners how important it is to not have your water supply lines running through an exterior wall. Because if you do, they could freeze and burst.

2. Lighting

The lighting in your renovated bathroom plays a pivotal role in setting the overall mood and tone for it. We always suggest recessed lighting because it helps illuminate the room so much better than standard fixtures. When paired with a dimmer switch, recessed lighting can let you change the feel and function of your remodelled bathroom according to how you want at any given moment. 

One other thing to consider when it comes to the lighting in your bathroom is having the proper fixtures where you’ll need them most. If you’re renovating your master en suite where you shave or apply makeup often, you’ll want lighting fixtures nearby the mirrors so you can easily see close up. That way you won’t miss any spots.

3. Storage 

Having the proper storage in your renovated bathroom will go a long way in keeping it clean and maintaining its overall aesthetic. You don’t want to ruin the look of your beautifully remodelled master en suite or powder room by cluttering it up with toiletries. One way you can improve your storage capacity is by having a recessed medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror, provided you have the space to do so. 

Another great way to increase the storage of your soon-to-be renovated en suite bathroom is the use of a wall-mounted cabinet between his and her sinks (if you’ve decided to go with his and her sinks, of course). The space between the two vanities is generally wasted, making the use of a cabinet there the perfect functional and aesthetic fit.

4. Saving space

Most of the time, bathroom renovations are limited by the space that’s available within them. That’s why space-saving fixtures such as wall-hung toilets can be such a huge help. By hiding the tank behind the wall, you’ll have more room to play with during the planning phase and can possibly incorporate more elements into your bathroom renovation. You’ll also achieve a sleek and modern look without blowing your budget, as the price of wall-hung toilets has come down quite a bit over the past few years.

5. Purpose 

Before anything begins, you’ll want to strongly consider the purpose of your bathroom renovation as it will dictate every subsequent decision you make. Are you just looking to update it so you have an easier time selling your home in the near future? If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to forego some of the more nice-to-have features and fixtures and primarily focus on the most cost-effective ones. 

But if you’re looking to remodel the master en suite in your dream home and have no plans of moving anytime soon, it may be worth it to splurge a little so you can get exactly what you want. That way, you won’t be left with any nagging doubts or left with any unfulfilled desires once the renovation wraps up.

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