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How to Plan for the Perfect Exterior Home Renovation

The decision to renovate your home’s exterior is not one that should be entered into lightly. It requires a lot of thought and planning. Here’s how to properly think through the whole process, so you get the perfect exterior renovation for you and your home. 

There are many reasons why you may want to renovate the exterior of your home. Perhaps it’s suffered damage after a major storm, or it’s beginning to look a little outdated. Maybe you plan on selling your house soon and want to give it the best chance to attract a buyer and secure a high price. 

Whatever your reason, exterior home renovations require precise planning to pull off the perfect remodel. Here are the things you need to contemplate and ponder before deciding to move forward with the project.

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The Why for Your Vision

We touched on this above, but the reasons for wanting to renovate your home’s exterior will shape the vision you have for it. Some of the main drivers behind home renovations include:

1. Repairs or maintenance:
If your home has been damaged by a storm and you now have a leaky roof, it’s pretty obvious what you need to have done. Ditto for torn siding after a hailstorm. These types of exterior renovations require expediency since you don’t want the damage to get any worse or the home to suffer further interior damage should another storm blow through. If you’re viewing this sort of exterior renovation through the lens of a preemptive measure, you have a bit more time on your hands. But you still don’t want to wait too long before getting the project started.

2. An outdated look:
If your home is starting to show its age from the outside due to an outdated style, you most likely want to spruce things up with some modern touches. Maybe some new trim or doors and windows can do the trick. Or adding some stone veneer might be able to accomplish what you have in mind. This sort of project is where a reputable exterior renovation contractor will be invaluable, as their experience and familiarity with contemporary styles can help cement the vision you have for your home’s exterior.

3. Easier to sell:
If your main goal of an exterior renovation is to make your home easier to sell and get a high price for it, then you most likely want to focus on work that will significantly boost its curb appeal. There’s nothing like making a great first impression on a potential buyer the moment they roll up to your house, and a remodelled exterior can do wonders for your home’s marketability.

Regardless of your main motivation for wanting to update the exterior of your house, having the right vision and goals for the project will inevitably shape the end purpose of the project. Sitting down and clearly defining your vision and goals will allow you to arrive at that purpose and will drive everything else moving forward. Once you’ve determined the purpose, it’s on to the planning stage.