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Top Strong and Durable Home Siding Materials for Houses in Calgary

Wondering what the strongest and most durable home siding options are for houses in Calgary? Our home exterior contractor breaks down the top choices so you can make an informed decision and protect your house from hail, wind, or other weather-related events.

With our wild and erratic weather in Calgary, you want to be sure the exterior of your home can stand up to the challenges Mother Nature throws our way. From hail to gale force winds, our homes can take a beating in this city. Here are the strongest and most durable home siding options which will best protect your house and those in it.

When considering the home siding options for your house in Calgary, strength and durability have to be top priorities. With our frequent hailstorms in the summer, weaker siding materials can be shredded as we saw across most of NE Calgary in June this year. These lower-cost siding options are great when trying to keep your construction or renovation costs down, but they don’t bring with them the superior strength and durability that the below home siding options do. 

Brick and stone

While more expensive, there is no better siding option in terms of strength and durability than brick or stone. Both siding choices also provide a natural and elegant aesthetic to homes, with either option being available in a wide variety of colours nowadays. Most brick or stone siding now is made up of a veneer of either brick or natural stone that is between half an inch to one and a half inches thick. If you’re able to spare no cost for your home’s siding, then either of these choices is your best bet to withstand the wild weather we see in Calgary.

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Next on the list is stucco. Reminiscent of Mediterranean styling, stucco will provide your home with serious protection due to its strength and durability. When well maintained, stucco siding can last up to 50 years and is generally impervious to hail or gusting wind. If your stucco sided home is hit by a huge hailstorm like the one we experienced in Calgary in June, then the damage is typically limited to window ledges and corners. These areas are easy to patch up, helping you save on repair costs if damage does occur. 

Fibre cement

One of the biggest technological advancements when it comes to home siding options, fibre cement is a big hit with homeowners due to its ability to replicate the look of stone, stucco, or wood, but at a much lower cost than any of those materials. Generally made from wood fibre and cement, this siding material provides a protective upgrade from standard vinyl siding and is relatively easy to maintain. With tons of different styles and colours to choose from, fibre cement siding is starting to become a much more common siding material across homes in Calgary.

You get what you pay for

As with most things in life, spending a bit more money when it comes to your home’s siding generally provides better protection than the lower-cost options. While historic storms like the one we saw last June in Calgary will put the above siding materials to the test, they’re still the best bet for having your home emerge unscathed from them. If you need a home siding renovator to help upgrade the exterior of your house, be sure to give us a call today.