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How New Windows and Doors Can Totally Change the Look of Your House

Have you been thinking of getting new doors and windows for your home? Here’s how these exterior renos can totally change the look and value of your house.

Doors and windows are often overlooked when people think about having a home renovation project done. Bigger ticket areas and items such as kitchens and granite countertops usually take centre stage when we consider upgrading our houses. But these two important aspects of your home’s exterior should not be underestimated when it comes to the impact they can have on the overall aesthetic of your house. Let’s take a look at why that is.

If eyes are the windows to our souls, then the windows of our homes must be, well, the windows to our home’s soul. Without them, our houses would just be bix boxes without much character or charm. And our doors, especially the front one, are equally important. Your front door is one of the first impressions your house will make on visitors or potential buyers. Let’s look at how replacing these two elements of your home’s exterior can totally change the look of your house, both on the outside and inside.

Let there be light

Well-placed windows can create the perfect atmosphere or ambiance within your home. If your current windows are inhibiting how much light enters your house due to an outdated design, they might be making it look darker and less inviting to those who visit or view it. New windows with modern designs will fix that problem in a heartbeat.

Make a statement

Your front door says a lot about you. You probably didn’t know that, but it does. If you have a dingy or dark front door that doesn’t look very welcoming, the neighbour kids may start calling you Boo Radley. On the other hand, if your current front door is white and relatively plain Jane, you could opt for a fresh coat of paint and make a statement with some colour. This will add character to your house and keep the neighbour kids from spreading rumours about you.

From outdated to elevated

If your windows and doors haven’t been replaced since your home was first constructed then there’s a good chance they’re making your whole house look outdated. Take a ride through any neighbourhood and it’s easy to see which houses have received some TLC, and which haven’t. Those that have had their home exteriors neglected are sure to look years, if not decades, older than their upgraded counterparts. 

A little goes a long way

When you compare the cost difference between a door installation and a custom kitchen remodel, it’s clear to see that renovation companies would obviously prefer the latter. While we certainly love upgrading a kitchen to meet someone’s exact needs while wowing them in the process, we also enjoy these smaller renovation projects that provide a great return on investment for our homeowner clients.

By reinvesting in your home by sprucing it up with new windows and doors, you can immediately expect to change the total look and feel of your house. And when you’re in a buyer’s market like we currently are here in Calgary, every little bit helps. And a little bit of exterior renovation work certainly goes a long way.