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The 7 Home Siding Materials That Will Protect Your House the Best

When choosing the siding material for your house, there are two main things you’ll want it to accomplish. Protecting your house, and looking good while doing it. Here are the seven best siding options that will do just that.

The siding material you choose to protect your house and boost its curb appeal must stand the test of time. Changing your home’s siding is not something you can do quite often, unless money is no object, of course.

Whether you’re picking the siding for your new build home or looking to spruce things up with an exterior reno on your existing one, you’ll want to pick a siding material that offers your home the best protection while also creating a stunning aesthetic. Here are seven home siding materials that will help you accomplish that goal, courtesy of our home siding renovator in Calgary.

It’s a delicate balance between finding a siding material that will protect your house the best but not look gaudy or out of place while doing so. Complicating matters further is factoring cost into the equation. While none of the below options are especially cost-effective, protection does come at a higher price. But there are more cost-efficient options on this list too. 

1. Stone veneer siding: There’s really no stronger option than stone. But decking your entire exterior out in pure stone is prohibitively expensive. Luckily, stone veneer siding can cut your costs down substantially while still providing the protection and elegance stone is known for.

2. Brick veneer siding: You could certainly opt for pure brick siding, which would last much longer than brick veneer siding. But your costs will once again run high like it would with natural stone siding. Brick veneer siding will lower your overall costs and still provide extremely solid protection to your home.

3. Stucco: This combination of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water is very similar to traditional cement and provides comparable protection. Synthetic stucco is also an option for those looking for a less expensive solution, though you’ll want to make sure you use a high-quality one as lower quality ones commonly suffer problems.

4. Fibre cement siding: This siding material is beloved for its ability to replicate other materials such as wood, stucco, or stone, albeit at a much lower cost. For those who want wood siding but not the heavy burden of maintenance it brings with it, fibre cement is an excellent alternative.

5. Cedar shingle siding: With less maintenance than wood clapboard siding, cedar shingle siding still provides the protection and elegance the former is known for. Just be aware that this type of siding can look a little out of place in more urban settings.

6. Wood clapboard siding: There really is no alternative to the real deal, so long as you’re willing to maintain it. Wood clapboard siding is elegant and earthy and will last for much longer than the other wood-based siding materials on this list. 

7. Engineered wood siding: Coming in at a much lower cost than wood clapboard siding, engineered wood siding still provides serious protection while also being exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. It also comes in panels that are easier to install, but its uniform grain will make it easy for discerning eyes to differentiate it from the real McCoy.

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